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November 23 2011, 09:14
On a great deal of uncertainty KCBT futures ended a bit lower, CBOT a bit higher and MGEX much lower. Funds held an even position today on corn, bought 2k soybeans and sold 2k soft wheat. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:11
Morning Weather Report - November 23, 2011. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:09
Glencore, the world's largest diversified commodities trader, will move a step closer to making the big acquisitions that motivated its record share listing when a first batch of lock-up clauses expires on Thursday, allowing the commodities trader to sell additional shares for the first time. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:05
Coffee’s biggest slump in three years may be ending as weather damages crops from Colombia to Indonesia, reducing U.S. inventories to the lowest since 2000 just as Kraft Foods Inc. and J.M. Smucker Co. cut prices. [More]
November 23 2011, 08:58
Going Granular – November 23, 2011. The trade didn’t get the memo to coast through the holiday break, scared by a weak manufacturing indicator for China last night. Though the short-term ramifications may be nil, China is psychologically important for the grain bulls as one of the few bright spots in a recently-dimming U.S. export market outlook, given their perpetually massive bean imports and growing corn import prospects. [More]
November 22 2011, 09:35
Wheat ended lower on outside market pressure and funds selling the Ag complex. Crude oil was a few dollars lower at one point, the dollar was firm and we’ve seen a mass exodus out of corn futures. Funds sold 11k corn, 4k soybeans and 2k wheat. Funds have sold 49k corn contracts over the past four trading days. [More]
November 22 2011, 09:33
A return by corn back above $7 a bushel is in the offing, banks said, even as the grain struggled to retake the much-watched $6-a-bushel mark, depressed by weak sentiment over exports. [More]
November 22 2011, 09:31
US corn and wheat prices recovered some ground on Tuesday after a more than 1 percent drop in the previous session, but prices held below $6 a bushel as a grim global economic outlook weighed on sentiment. [More]
November 22 2011, 09:10
Going Granular – November 22, 2011. Corn futures may gain on speculation that declining prices will increase demand for raw materials used to make food and biofuels. Wheat and soybeans may rise. [More]
November 21 2011, 09:30
Winter wheat came back from the dead on the close. It appeared to be a technical trade, toward the end of the session, as corn started coming in and wheat speculators felt wheat should too. Wheat exports are dead. Crude oil is falling. [More]