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May 27 2011, 09:49
Good signs for gold demand.... [More]
July 2 2010, 03:56
Morning Gold Fix – July 2, 2010 - Yesterday’s activity was the decisive battle for the time being between the “it’s a commodity crowd” versus the “it’s money stupid” folks. [More]
May 26 2010, 06:00
Morning Gold Fix – May 26, 2010 - June gold was up 13.5 to $1211.5 per 100 troy ounces as of 9:00 AM EDT. [More]
May 19 2010, 05:41
Flow-Trading: Thoughts and Principles [More]
May 17 2010, 04:50
Guest Post: The Fear Premium Of Gold [More]
May 14 2010, 09:11
Why are NG inventories only 4% higher when rig count is up 30% y/y? [More]
May 14 2010, 07:36
Guest Post: Peter Beutel on the Relevance of Crude Oil Futures [More]
May 12 2010, 03:51
FMX | Connect (Reported 5/12/10) - The market is setting up for a sharp move lower. Within the next two days,we think there’s a strong probability that the S&P will fill the large gap it left on Monday and continue lower for its eventual retest of 1056. [More]
May 12 2010, 02:49
Rogers' investment recommendations: "Investors should buy precious metals including gold or currencies of countries that have large natural resources." We still would recommend staying away from the Chinese imminently popping bubble, which will likely reprice industrial commodities by 30-50%. [More]
May 11 2010, 07:22
Vince Lanci, Echobay Partners Ruminations while riding a train: Gold is now positively correlated with the US dollar, this makes it officially a safety currency. [More]