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November 23 2011, 11:34
Happy Thanksgiving from FMX | Connect [More]
November 23 2011, 10:31
Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending November 18, 2011 [More]
November 23 2011, 09:37
Natural gas prices inched higher on Tuesday as traders were buying ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Futures markets will be open on Friday, but a number of physical trading and pipeline companies will be closed for the holiday. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:36

Daily Energy Hedger is Cameron Hanover’s flagship research document. The document provides a tightly written synopsis on the previous session’s trading activity, and gives thorough analysis for the entire energy complex from a fundamental, technical and proprietary perspective. It is mandatory reading for energy traders and industry professionals alike. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:30
Morning Petrospective – November 23, 2011. The oil complex was higher yesterday, it seems primarily on short-covering, bargain-hunting and oversold pressures ahead of the Thanksgiving Weekend. People are reluctant to go home short into a four-day weekend for many. [More]
November 23 2011, 09:00
Parity Crude Oil Volatility Report [More]
November 23 2011, 08:32
Oil dropped from a three-day high in New York as a shortfall of bids in a German bond sale signaled a deepening of Europe’s debt crisis and slowing economic growth in the region. [More]
November 22 2011, 15:53

FMX | Connect (Reported 11/22/11) - The following is a report of Crude Oil Option’s activity in the Over-The-Counter and Exchange traded venues. [More]
November 22 2011, 15:51

FMX | Connect – - (Reported 11/22/2011) - The following is a report of Natural Gas Option’s activity in the Over-The-Counter and Exchange traded venues. [More]
November 22 2011, 09:55
Gas Petrospective – November 22, 2011. Natural gas prices were lower in early trading, and quotes got down as low as $3.285, before rallying back into positive territory. Prices printed new lows for the last year, or very close to them in some contracts, but the market finished higher on the day at the final bell. [More]