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Cameron Hanover


Cameron Hanover

Cameron Hanover is a specialist firm in the management of Energy price risk. We offer consulting and research for businesses in the global energy marketplace.


Our analysts cover the Crude, Heating Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas and other Energy markets. We offer personalized consulting services for hedging energy price risk. We publish Daily, Monthly, and Seasonal Publications covering the global Energy sector.

Our Clients

  • Commercials- Producers, Distributors, and End Users
  • Financials- Banks, Funds, Brokers
  • Information Services- News Wires, Television, Newspapers

Our Partners

Cameron Hanover has teamed up with FMX Connect to provide internet distribution of our content. FMX Connect is a commodity portal specializing in Energy Options data. They provide unbiased analysis for the global community of brokers, traders, analysts, and investors.