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Cameron Hanover's flagship research document. In addition to a tightly written recap and synopsis of the previous session's activity, this daily publication gives thorough analysis for the entire energy complex from a fundamental, technical, and proprietary perspective. It is mandatory reading for energy traders and industry professionals alike.
Special Reports
These periodic reports focus closely on the drivers affecting energy prices and the possible opportunities they represent. Here, Mr. Beutel leverages his twenty plus years of industry experience to assess and put in perspective the macro changes affecting the energy markets.
Subscribers get access to previous reports with the click of a button. Reports can be accessed chronologically or by using our search tool. Some sample material is currently uploaded. Click on the Archive menu.

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fmx|connect resources

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FMX Connect provides internal and external resource libraries to support your commodity trading needs.

If your firm/exchange would like to be listed on our resources page, please e-mail us at

exchange directory

Exchange Directory lists the name, description, and contact information of major exchanges worldwide.

commodity specifications

Commodity Specifications is FMX's searchable database that provides detailed information on futures and options contracts traded on major exchanges. Specifications include expiration, market hours, tick size, daily limits, and much more.

relevant links

Relevant Links provides users with external sources on commodity research, derivatives education, data resources, energy projections, global exchanges, relevant government bureaus/organizations, and weather information.

document library

Document Library is FMX's download library of third-party content such as OPEC, EIA, API, IEA, and CFTC reports. Releases include inventory reports for energy/grains, and COT reports for commodities.


FMX Video highlights some of the latest commodity and market exchange news. A daily weather forecast for North America is also provided.

career center

Check out the latest job openings for traders, brokers and operation managers in the career center. FMX|Connect posts job listings for friends and subscribers as part of our comprehensive service. Email if you have a listing you would like us to post.