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Cameron Hanover's flagship research document. In addition to a tightly written recap and synopsis of the previous session's activity, this daily publication gives thorough analysis for the entire energy complex from a fundamental, technical, and proprietary perspective. It is mandatory reading for energy traders and industry professionals alike.
Special Reports
These periodic reports focus closely on the drivers affecting energy prices and the possible opportunities they represent. Here, Mr. Beutel leverages his twenty plus years of industry experience to assess and put in perspective the macro changes affecting the energy markets.
Subscribers get access to previous reports with the click of a button. Reports can be accessed chronologically or by using our search tool. Some sample material is currently uploaded. Click on the Archive menu.

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fmx|connect tools

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FMX Connect provides a variety of sophisticated yet easy -to -use trading tools to leverage market data. If you are interested in accessing these customized trading tools, please REGISTER TODAY!

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If your firm is interested in becoming a provider or subscriber of our proprietary data, please e-mail us at

fmx|connect commodity desktop

FMX Connect Desktop aggregates FMX Connect tools onto one screen. The function allows you to customize and save different desktop tool settings depending on your preferences.

options calculator

options calculator allows you to calculate the value of an option (call or put) using the Black-Scholes Model. Developed by Fischer Black, Myron Scholes and Robert Merton, Black-Scholes has revolutionized the options world through its corollary risk-management characteristics and derivative pricing accuracy. The variables and parameters that affect the price of an option include the strike price, futures price, time to expiration, volatility, and interest rate.


Settlements provides end of day complete settlement data from CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX exchanges on all options, futures, and OTC swaps traded.

volumes and open interest

Volumes and Open Interest allows users to search the FMX database by date and product for specific futures, swaps, and option (by strikes) volumes on NYMEX and COMEX exchanges.

end of day straddle runs

End of day straddle runs provides users with at-the-money straddle bid/ask indicative markets for natural gas, crude, precious metals, and agriculturals. Straddle runs are updated at various times throughout the day.

eia historical charts

EIA Historical Charts graphically provides historical inventory reports as compiled and generated by the Energy Information Administration.

commodity specifications

Commodity Specifications is a reference dictionary that provides detailed information on futures and options contracts traded on all major exchanges. Specifications include expiration, market hours, tick size, daily limits, and much more. In addition, it has interactive charts, a customizable watchlist application that allows users to chose and monitor specific commodities, and a master quote board that aggregates all major currency, commodity, and equity indexes onto one screen.

trade blotter

Trade Blotter allows users to review significant options and futures trades, as well as over-the-counter transactions for energy, and precious metals on all major exchanges.

symbol lookup

Symbol lookup allows users search for specific commodity symbols in energy, precious metals, and agriculturals.

NYMEX Clearport

NYMEX ClearPort is CME's front-end trade submission tool that provides clearing services for over-the-counter market participants trading energy, precious metals, and grains.


WebICE is ICE's front-end trade submission tool that provides clearing services for all ICE over-the-counter products.

cftc commitment of traders

CFTC Commitment of Traders aggregates CFTC COT data for the commodities futures and options markets. The report details positions held by commercial, financial and other major market participants with portfolios.

cftc capital requirements report

CFTC Capital Requirements Report allows users to search past and current filings by FCM's with the CFTC.